Kickstart fitness testimonials

“Winnie’s experience, patience and sense of fun makes every session feel personally tailored to you and enjoyable. She has a passion for helping you learn more about fitness and ensuring you reach your full potential. I would highly recommend her sessions and even if you’re a beginner and have never tried weightlifting before, she’ll have you doing dumbbell squats in no time and somehow make them seem fun !” Eli C, Ashtead – kickstart fitness

“I would absolutely recommend Winnie. Winnie has amazing patience and can definitely help you get in shape, build your strength and make you feel great about yourself, whatever your fitness (or lack of) when you start. You will find yourself looking forward to your session as you know you will feel so much better after it and will always leave with a smile thanks to Winnie’s enthusiasm and encouragement. If you want your fitness routine to be a pleasure then Winnie is the lady for you!” Elizabeth C, Leatherhead – kickstart fitness

“Winnie is fantastic for making you fitter, without feeling overwhelmed. Not only will she customise your training to suit your age and level, she will also mentor you in how to achieve your fitness goals and stay focused. The only thing you need to bring is yourself, and a desire to want to be fitter. Loving the workouts, thanks Winnie!” Gee, Leatherhead – kickstart fitness, weight loss

“Winnie’s workouts are very enjoyable, very varied, hard work and get results. Her encouragement helps get you through and see the results. Recommend 100%” Sandra, kickstart fitness, weight loss

“Winnie is a lovely professional and considerate trainer, always ensuring that I am well and ensuring that we train to my max in a safe and healthy way.  She is always cheerful and she changes the sessions to prevent me from getting bored or remaining static.  Well done and thank you!” Sharon, kickstart fitness