Postnatal fitness testimonials

“I wanted to say thank you to Winnie for helping me make fantastic progress in my fitness. I was very nervous about restarting exercise after post-birth surgery. Winnie was kind, reassuring and managed to find the perfect balance between challenging me and keeping me safe. She is always upbeat and motivational and I have left every session feeling amazing. I always manage to do more than I thought possible in her sessions. Thank you for helping me to build my confidence and get back to being me. I will be forever grateful.” Lizzie W, Epsom, postnatal fitness

“I started buggy fitness with Winnie in 2015 when I’d had my son. I then returned in 2019 when I’d had my daughter. I’m not a massive fitness person.  Winnie  is very professional and helped me set goals and get great results.  She pushed me in every session making sure I stayed motivated by varying the routine.  Thank you very much Winnie!” Annabel, Leatherhead, postnatal fitness

“After maintaining a good level of fitness during pregnancy I lost all my fitness and confidence after the birth of my daughter. I started training with Winnie 9 months postnatal and it was a fantastic choice. Winnie is wonderful, she has helped me get my confidence in my body back and each week I feel stronger and fitter. Her sessions are always different so I never feel bored; she is really motivating and pushes me without it being intimidating. I never thought I would learn to love kettlebells but I do! Winnie is very kind, understanding and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to recommend her. My only regret is that I didn’t start training sooner!” Jacquelyn, Bookham, postnatal fitness

“I had amazing fitness experience with Winnie! All individual sessions were well organized using different approaches. Really suggest to do your postnatal fitness with specially trained personal instructor – to be sure in safe and effective recovery after pregnancy.
My success story: I had set up a goal to get back in shape after pregnancy. My aim was to loose weight, reduce body mass index, eat healthy and enjoy every day being happy mum.
Thanks to Winnie I have achieved great results in 3 months (10 sessions):
I have lost 9.8kg (from 59.8kg to 50kg). It is worth noting that my before-pregnancy weight was 54kg;
Preparing food I started to pay attention to carbs-fat-protein ratio;
My body measurements are dropped: bust -5cm or -5% (from 92 to 87cm), waist -7cm or -9% (74 to 67cm), hips -9cm or -9% (97 to 88cm), upper arms -4cm or -14% (28 to 24cm), things -7cm or 13% (55 to 48cm).
Only everyday habits can keep us fit. Now I enjoy long walks and I am more active in overall. My diet is well balanced and I keep trying to spend more calories than consume.
I am so proud of myself!
Million thanks to Winnie because I couldn’t do it without her.
Recommend, recommend, really recommend!”

Anna L, Leatherhead, postnatal fitness, weight loss

“Winnie is a very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. I knew very little about body weight and circuit training before but she has broken it down gently for me, explaining the various exercises and ensuring I carried them out with good form.

The training itself is very much suited to my level of fitness and tailored to my needs and goals. I feel challenged within my abilities so that I do feel a sense of achievement, but still very much look forward to training. Not one training session is the same as Winnie keeps it different, novel and engaging every time.”

Alice G, Leatherhead, postnatal fitness

“Hi Winnie,
Would just like to say thank you so much for kick starting me into ‘getting fit’.

You are amazing and I really enjoyed working out with you. You are an inspiration!
Thank you for everything. See you soon.”

Charlotte A, Leatherhead, postnatal fitness