What our clients say:

“Winnie is a very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. I knew very little about body weight and circuit training before but she has broken it down gently for me, explaining the various exercises and ensuring I carried them out with good form.

The training itself is very much suited to my level of fitness and tailored to my needs and goals. I feel challenged within my abilities so that I do feel a sense of achievement, but still very much look forward to training. Not one training session is the same as Winnie keeps it different, novel and engaging every time.” Alice, Leatherhead


“Hi Winnie,
Would just like to say thank you so much for kick starting me into ‘getting fit’.

You are amazing and I really enjoyed working out with you. You are an inspiration!
Thank you for everything. See you soon.” Charlotte, Leatherhead


“I feel so much more movitated to train now I’m having personal training sessions with Winnie. Winnie is full of passion about fitness and her enthusiasm is catching. She introduced me to a more efficient way of training, working the whole of my body at the same time using kettlebells.  Thank you so much Winnie.”  Emma, Ashtead