What clients say:

“Winnie helped me exercise until week 20 of my pregnancy. The sessions were very well structured and I benefited from increased energy levels during the weeks we were training. Thank you Winnie!” Joanna, pregnancy fitness

“I started buggy fitness with Winnie in 2015 when I’d had my son. I then returned in 2019 when I’d had my daughter. I’m not a massive fitness person.  Winnie  is very professional and helped me set goals and get great results.  She pushed me in every session making sure I stayed motivated by varying the routine.  Thank you very much Winnie!” Annabel O, postnatal fitness

“Winnie is amazing at what she does and very knowledgeable and approachable. Her background in pharmacy ties in well with understanding the human body, diet and exercise and she connects them all together effortless! Have been searching for years for the right trainer for mum that she is comfortable with and will listen to and it has worked wonders for mum in terms of her self-confidence, fitness and weight loss goals. Thank you so much Winnie!!!” Jonathan L, over 60s fitness

“I wanted to say thank you to Winnie for helping me make fantastic progress in my fitness. I was very nervous about restarting exercise after post-birth surgery. Winnie was kind, reassuring and managed to find the perfect balance between challenging me and keeping me safe. She is always upbeat and motivational and I have left every session feeling amazing. I always manage to do more than I thought possible in her sessions. Thank you for helping me to build my confidence and get back to being me. I will be forever grateful.” Lizzie W, postnatal fitness

“I had amazing fitness experience with Winnie! All individual sessions were well organized using different approaches. Really suggest to do your postnatal fitness with specially trained personal instructor – to be sure in safe and effective recovery after pregnancy.
My success story: I had set up a goal to get back in shape after pregnancy. My aim was to loose weight, reduce body mass index, eat healthy and enjoy every day being happy mum.
Thanks to Winnie I have achieved great results in 3 months (10 sessions):
I have lost 9.8kg (from 59.8kg to 50kg). It is worth noting that my before-pregnancy weight was 54kg;
Preparing food I started to pay attention to carbs-fat-protein ratio;
My body measurements are dropped: bust -5cm or -5% (from 92 to 87cm), waist -7cm or -9% (74 to 67cm), hips -9cm or -9% (97 to 88cm), upper arms -4cm or -14% (28 to 24cm), things -7cm or 13% (55 to 48cm).
Only everyday habits can keep us fit. Now I enjoy long walks and I am more active in overall. My diet is well balanced and I keep trying to spend more calories than consume.
I am so proud of myself!
Million thanks to Winnie because I couldn’t do it without her.
Recommend, recommend, really recommend!” Anna L, postnatal fitness, Leatherhead

“I cannot recommend Winnie highly enough. I have been going to work out with her once or twice a week for a year by now. I can honestly say that I have never before looked forward to gym or fitness regimes of any kind and I have usually given up after a month or two.

Winnie manages to get the right balance between challenging me but never making me feel as if I am not trying hard enough. She is always patient and encouraging and quickly works out how to help me achieve the goals she sets me.

Winnie sets a different programme every time, building on moves that we’ve practised before and then adding new ones gradually so that it never gets boring or routine. I never dread my “Winnie Workout” days and I always come away feeling positive about the session.

Although Winnie is always open to suggestions, I am more than happy to follow her plans. I trust her to have thought through which exercises to combine for the best results.

Winnie is also happy to help with diet recommendations, tailor-making her suggestions to each individual client. With the help of a food diary and photos of each meal, she is able to suggest adjustments which lead to weight loss and more energy.

I have noticed an increase in energy levels when I swim or cycle and even in mundane household tasks. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem so heavy and I seem to run up and down stairs more effortlessly. I have even managed to jog for half an hour at a time without getting out of breath, which, a year ago, I would have thought impossible.

Thanks to Winnie, I feel I am making sure I don’t allow age to lead to avoidable ailments.” Rebecca C, personal training, Ashtead

“Winnie is a very friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainer. I knew very little about body weight and circuit training before but she has broken it down gently for me, explaining the various exercises and ensuring I carried them out with good form.

The training itself is very much suited to my level of fitness and tailored to my needs and goals. I feel challenged within my abilities so that I do feel a sense of achievement, but still very much look forward to training. Not one training session is the same as Winnie keeps it different, novel and engaging every time.” Alice G, postnatal fitness, Leatherhead

“Winnie’s experience, patience and sense of fun makes every session feel personally tailored to you and enjoyable. She has a passion for helping you learn more about fitness and ensuring you reach your full potential. I would highly recommend her sessions and even if you’re a beginner and have never tried weightlifting before, she’ll have you doing dumbbell squats in no time and somehow make them seem fun !” Eli C, kickstart fitness, Ashtead

“I would absolutely recommend Winnie. Winnie has amazing patience and can definitely help you get in shape, build your strength and make you feel great about yourself, whatever your fitness (or lack of) when you start. You will find yourself looking forward to your session as you know you will feel so much better after it and will always leave with a smile thanks to Winnie’s enthusiasm and encouragement. If you want your fitness routine to be a pleasure then Winnie is the lady for you!” Liz C, kickstart fitness, Leatherhead

“Hi Winnie,
Would just like to say thank you so much for kick starting me into ‘getting fit’.

You are amazing and I really enjoyed working out with you. You are an inspiration!
Thank you for everything. See you soon.” Charlotte A, kickstart fitness, postnatal fitness, Leatherhead

“I feel so much more movitated to train now I’m having personal training sessions with Winnie. Winnie is full of passion about fitness and her enthusiasm is catching. She introduced me to a more efficient way of training, working the whole of my body at the same time using kettlebells.  Thank you so much Winnie.”  Emma W, personal training, Ashtead

“Before I met Winnie I was in a classic weight gaining cycle. I used to eat too much in the evening (eg: pasta for dinner with a big pudding and wine) and then starve myself in the morning to try and make up for it. This wasn’t working, and 9 months before my wedding I was the heaviest I’ve ever been!

With Winnie’s help I learned valuable lessons about nutrition and fuelling my body. I also learned how weights can be a fantastic evening activity to burn calories and sculpt my shape. Winnie is incredibly knowledgable as well as patient, good humoured and she comes up with great exercise regimes (that fly by!).

By the time my wedding came round I had lost 7.5 kgs, gained muscle and toned up. I felt so confident and happy on my wedding day and that was a huge part because of Winnie’s help!” Jo Y, weight loss, Leatherhead

“Winnie is fantastic for making you fitter, without feeling overwhelmed. Not only will she customise your training to suit your age and level, she will also mentor you in how to achieve your fitness goals and stay focused. The only thing you need to bring is yourself, and a desire to want to be fitter. Loving the workouts, thanks Winnie!” Gee, kickstart fitness, weight loss

“Winnie’s workouts are very enjoyable, very varied, hard work and get results. Her encouragement helps get you through and see the results. Recommend 100%” Sandra, kickstart fitness, weight loss

“Winnie is a lovely professional and considerate trainer, always ensuring that I am well and ensuring that we train to my max in a safe and healthy way.  She is always cheerful and she changes the sessions to prevent me from getting bored or remaining static.  Well done and thank you!” Sharon, kickstart fitness