Over 60s fitness testimonials

“Winnie is amazing at what she does and very knowledgeable and approachable. Her background in pharmacy ties in well with understanding the human body, diet and exercise and she connects them all together effortless! Have been searching for years for the right trainer for mum that she is comfortable with and will listen to and it has worked wonders for mum in terms of her self-confidence, fitness and weight loss goals. Thank you so much Winnie!!!” Jonathan L, over 60s fitness

“I cannot recommend Winnie highly enough. I have been going to work out with her once or twice a week for a year by now. I can honestly say that I have never before looked forward to gym or fitness regimes of any kind and I have usually given up after a month or two.

Winnie manages to get the right balance between challenging me but never making me feel as if I am not trying hard enough. She is always patient and encouraging and quickly works out how to help me achieve the goals she sets me.

Winnie sets a different programme every time, building on moves that we’ve practised before and then adding new ones gradually so that it never gets boring or routine. I never dread my “Winnie Workout” days and I always come away feeling positive about the session.

Although Winnie is always open to suggestions, I am more than happy to follow her plans. I trust her to have thought through which exercises to combine for the best results.

Winnie is also happy to help with diet recommendations, tailor-making her suggestions to each individual client. With the help of a food diary and photos of each meal, she is able to suggest adjustments which lead to weight loss and more energy.

I have noticed an increase in energy levels when I swim or cycle and even in mundane household tasks. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem so heavy and I seem to run up and down stairs more effortlessly. I have even managed to jog for half an hour at a time without getting out of breath, which, a year ago, I would have thought impossible.

Thanks to Winnie, I feel I am making sure I don’t allow age to lead to avoidable ailments.” Rebecca C, over 60s fitness