New fitness courses in Leatherhead, Surrey.  Bookings now open:

Postnatal Buggy Fitness 4-week course – start date: 4 June 2018

Ideal for new postnatal mums who want to learn the essential exercises to strengthen their body after pregnancy and childbirth.

Fitness for beginners 4-week course – start date: 4 June 2018

Perfect for those who are new to exercise. You will learn how to get on the fast track, and be your boss on your fitness journey

All our courses follow a small group training format. Limited to 6 participants per session.

Bringing body and mind together – health, fitness, wellbeing afternoon. Bookings now open:


If you are on Facebook, visit: Facebook.com/events/934669106742402/

For more information or book your place at ‘Bringing body and mind together’, email info@WinnieFitness.com

Private 1:1 coaching

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At Winnie Fitness, our focus is to achieve better health. We are dedicated to help / teach clients:

  • kick-start their fitness journey and make progress
  • improve their health, fitness and productivity: Recharge and sparkle
  • how they can incorporate exercise to manage certain health conditions

Have a specific fitness goal? Find out how our one-to-one coaching programmes can help you reach your full potential.


All sessions delivered by Winnie, your local personal trainer and nutrition coach.  Winnie offers first class fitness and health education to local women, and personalised strategies on how to achieve their goals.

Coaching style: Winnie takes an encouraging, structured and meticulous approach to bring out the best in her clients.