Personal training sessions in Leatherhead Surrey – giveaway

To celebrate my birthday in December and staying fit at 39, I am offering 4 x 30 min personal training sessions to one follower. If you want to get fitter and healthier in 2020, simply email with your name, email address, health goals to enter.

I’m specialised in the following areas:
🌟Kickstart fitness
🌟Pre/postnatal fitness
🌟Nutrition and fitness for weight loss
🌟Fitness for over 60s
🌟Fitness prescription for the management of certain medical conditions (e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes)

Outdoor 1:1 personal training Leatherhead

Pleased to announce that Winnie Fitness has availability for TWO female clients who would like to work with an experienced personal trainer to kick start their fitness journey.

Winnie Fitness specializes in the following areas:

-fitness training for complete beginners

-pre and postnatal fitness, including abdominal separation recovery

-nutrition and fitness coaching for weight management

-fitness for over 60s

-fitness in various medical conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma

Find out what clients say:

To book a free consultation, email or fill in the contact form:

Snow day HIIT – home fitness


I’m going to share with you a HIIT workout that I did yesterday. As it was snowing outside, I feel like I was working out in a snow globe! It was rather fun and special.  If you are at home reading this, give this workout a go.


You will feel warmer, healthier and more energized. Get ready to set your metabolism on fire.

For my regular clients, I trust that you are confident in picking the right level and intensity for you.

For those who have just started their fitness journey, start with the beginners/intermediate level. Focus on correct exercise form, and take longer rest if needed.

Always start with a warm up – dynamic stretches, and gradually increase heart rate. Finish with cool down and stretches.

Beginners/Intermediate (Total 21 minutes)

30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest.

Rest 1 minute before moving on to the next interval.

Interval 1 (4 rounds)

  1. Run on spot
  2. Squat walk (squat position, 4 steps to the right, 4 steps to the left, stay LOW!)

Interval 2 (4 rounds)

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Alternating reverse lunges (add light weight for more challenge)

Interval 3 (4 rounds)

  1. Mountain climbers (high plank, knee to elbow)
  2. Push up (incline – kitchen top, or ¾ – knees on floor)

Intermediate/Advanced (Total 15 minutes)

20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

Rest 1 minute before moving on to the next interval.

Interval 1 (4 rounds)

  1. Jump squat (switch to regular squats if needed)
  2. High knees

Interval 2 (4 rounds)

  1. Alternating jump lunges (switch to regular alternating lunges if needed)
  2. Plank jacks

Interval 3 (4 rounds)

  1. Shadow boxing with light dumbbells (1-2 kg)
  2. 1 push up followed by 4 mountain climbers

Have fun! Let me know how you get on.

Your coach and friend,