5 Minute Father’s day energy boost workout

Hello yummy mummies,

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow and I know that you are busy as ever. Do you want more energy to celebrate this special day with your other half, dad, and kids? I have a 5 minute bodyweight workout for you that does not require any fitness equipment, and can be done at home even with little space. Why not get your family to join you with this workout?

Here’s what you do – complete one circuit of these exercises in order.

Perform 40 seconds of each exercise with good form, then rest 20 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

  • Jumping jacks 40 s; rest 20 s
  • Bodyweight squats 40 s; rest 20 s
  • Push ups 40 s; rest 20 s
  • Alternating lunges 40 s; rest 20 s
  • Mountain climbing 40 s; rest 20 s

Total time = 5 minutes.

If you require more challenge, and you can spare 5 more minutes, I would strongly recommend you to repeat the above one more time, making it a 10 minute workout.

Good job! Now how about treating your family with a delicious, nutritious high-protein snack or meal?

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes,


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