What motivates you ?

motivationDo you have a health and fitness goal this year? If so, how’s it going?

Brace yourself. According to statistics, by the end of January, almost 40 % of people will have already quit achieving their goal! That’s right, four weeks in, and people quit.

What is it about sticking with a fitness routine or healthy eating plan that causes so many people abandon it?

The answer? Motivation. People don’t want health and fitness badly enough. It is a simple fact of human psychology that if we want something badly enough, we’ll do everything we can to get it. Additionally, people tend to focus on things that are stopping them, rather than finding ways to overcome the obstacles.

Your challenge this week is to find out what motivates you to get serious about fitness and stick with it.

Unlocking your motivation

You do not have to be part of that 40 % who quit. You can stay committed and finish strong. It is all about finding what motivates you personally.

Here are some possible motivators for you:

  1. Do it for your health. Consistent exercise and healthy eating are the two best things you can do for your health. You will develop a strong, healthy heart, reduce the chances of developing a range of medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, back pain and certain cancers. What’s more, exercising and healthy eating is known to resist aging of the skin, making you look up to 10 years younger!
  2. Do it to have more energy. I hear a lot of you thinking ‘I am too tired to exercise’. Lack of energy should not be a limiting factor to stay active. In fact, if you feel tired, get up and start moving around. As soon as you start moving, blood flow in your body circulation improves, you will feel more alert and awake. You will want to do more, and you will feel your energy levels increase.
  3. Do it to relieve stress. Exercising regularly really does cause physical changes in your brain and nervous system that results in feelings of calmness and well-being. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, also known as the ‘happy hormones’. In fact, you may get so hooked on the mental benefits of exercise that you will crave it!
  4. Do it to be strong. Muscle strength is so important for anybody, and strength training isn’t just for bodybuilders. Here are some advantages of being physically stronger: strong legs help you walk more miles and run faster. Strong arms mean you have better strength to carry a wriggly toddler in one arm while carrying your grocery shopping in the other. Strong core and back give you a fantastic posture, and reduce the risk of back pain. Strong muscles also mean they are in better shape and hence higher rate of fat burn! During strength training, your mental strength also improves, as you clear any clutter in the head and focus your mind to execute the moves. A sharp mind often leads to a more productive day!

It is worth taking the time to discover the powerful motivators in your life. Do what it takes to keep you moving forward.

And finally,

Take the time to celebrate your “little successes” this year.

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